Macro Obsession!

For many years I have enjoyed taking photos, whether while hiking, traveling, or being with friends and family.  I had a series of point-and-shoot cameras, first film and then digital, and I was fine with the pictures I took.  When I got my first digital point-and-shoot camera, I started getting taking closeup pictures of things in nature, especially wildflowers and mushrooms.  I lost that first digital camera while bushwhacking on Mt. Tamalpais, and I had to buy another camera.  While I was very unhappy to lose that camera, the replacement I bought was another Canon digital point-and-shoot that had a digital macro mode that took much better closeup pictures.  I loved the details in the photos, and the clarity of the pictures.  For many years I used that camera and amassed quite a fun collection of closeup photos from my hikes.

Then I started looking on-line to see what people were doing with macro photography, and I was blown away by some of the images I saw.  Macro photography allows one to see incredibly fine detail in nature that one cannot see with the naked eye (certainly not with my aging eyes!), and I dreamed of getting a “real” camera (a digital SLR) and a macro lens.  I put that on my retirement list.

A few months ago, settled into a blissful retirement, I finally purchased a Canon DLSR and Canon’s terrific 100mm macro lens.  I was absolutely stunned by the sharpness and clarity of the macro pictures, and I became a woman obsessed!  I started reading as much as I could on-line and in books from the library, to learn how to take good macro photographs.  I have spent a lot of time with my new camera, practicing by taking repeated shots of the same flower or other object, varying the settings on the camera to learn what works and to understand the effects of changes in ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and distance from the subject.  I have learned a LOT about how to take bad photographs!!!

Slowly I began to get a some decent photographs  (from the hundreds I might take in an outing), and I emailed them to some friends.

I started following a number of photographers’ photo blogs, and I have really been enjoying reading them and seeing what is possible in photography.  And then I thought about making a photo blog myself, so people can check it when they want rather than me emailing photos, and at the same time I would have an on-line repository of my favorite photos, where I could see my progress over time.

So here I am, in my first blog posting.  Below is the very first photo with my new camera and lens that totally hooked me.  It is a tiny native grass gone to seed, a weed in my yard, and I was absolutely amazed and fascinated by the detailed structure.  I thought it was so beautiful.


Once I saw this, I became a woman obsessed!  Thank goodness I have a wonderful husband who also loves nature and its beauty, and who is encouraging me every step of the way.

Stay tuned for more photos!

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3 Responses to Macro Obsession!

  1. Allison says:

    Yay! Thank you for sharing, Tocaya. I’m looking forward to enjoying more of your photos.

  2. Pepe says:

    Congratulations on the new blog and thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. It will be fun to discover with you the amazing details in this whole new macro world opening within our reach.


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