Back after a long absence

It has been quite a while since I last posted.  I had long contemplated starting a blog on my passion for macro photography, so I could share photos with my friends, and I finally did, in August of 2013.  I created three postings, and then I had to stop.  After the third posting, my dear sweet husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Shortly afterwards he had surgery to remove his prostate, and there followed several months of recovery.  Just as he was getting back on his feet and his life was returning to his new normal, my 91-year-old mother fell and fractured her pelvis.  That started a decline that occurred over many months, and she passed away at the end of June last year, just two weeks shy of her 92nd birthday.

During the time of my husband’s recovery, and my mother’s illness, and the months since then, I did a lot of reading about photography.  Not just macro photography, which is my favorite, but all kinds of photography.  I read, and read, and read.  I wanted to learn and absorb as much as I could.  I read lots of articles that taught me so much about technique and composition, but more importantly I started following the blogs of many expert photographers, so I could learn by seeing the beautiful work of others.  And then I started learning Lightroom, which is an absolutely amazing piece of software that I now use to really bring out the beauty of nature in my photos.  After I got a little skilled in Lightroom I started learning Photoshop too, because it can do some things that Lightroom cannot, and because, well, I am a computer geek.

In all that time I thought nearly daily about restarting the blog.   But I didn’t.  I questioned myself on why I didn’t.  And I realized finally that I wasn’t going back to posting on the blog because I didn’t think my photos were anywhere near as stunning as those I had been seeing month after month on all of the photography blogs I was reading.  And then I found this video, called “How Do I Develop My Own Style?” (   For me it was a great video to watch.  It helped me to realize that what I really want out of this blog is to share my delight and childlike awe of the tiny details in nature that I can capture with my camera.

And so, I am starting the blog afresh.   Although I stopped doing the blog, I never stopped taking photos, so have quite a backlog of photos to go through and decide which ones to share.

Right after I saw that video, I took a walk in my neighborhood, camera in hand.  It was a beautiful spring day, and there was so much beauty around.   As I walked up a hill on some open space, I saw what looked like a small moth.  She was moving around quite a bit, and I took many pictures of her, hoping to have at least one good one, and this one I like the best.  She is very small, only about the size of a dime, and without the macro lens all I saw was a dull tan color.  I had no idea how beautiful she was.


I looked her up in my Insects and Spiders Field Guide, and I think that she is either an “American Lady”, “West Coast Lady”, or a “Painted Lady”.  A beautiful lady she is!

In the open space there were many many tiny weeds in the grass.  It was a windy day, so a little challenging to get good macro photos, but this little weed was close to the ground so a little easier to photograph.  It absolutely amazes me how much detail there is in this tiny weed, less than half the size of a dime.


Spring in California means poppies, the state flower, and there were poppies aplenty.  The bees love poppies, and my husband loves bees, so I frequently take bee pictures.  Here is one I like from the walk.


My last fun photo from this walk is of a tiny daisy.  In California there are masses of these in many gardens, as they are long bloomers and require little care.  This is a Santa Barbara daisy, scientific name Erigeron karvinskianus.   Each flower is a little smaller than a dime, and I took the photo because I think the flowers are very pretty, and I like their bright yellow centers.  What I did not see until I got home and looked at the photo on my computer was the tiny red critters; I did a WOW out loud when I saw them!  I looked these up in my critters guide, and I think they are called red spider mites, scientific name Tetranychus urticae.


For those of you not squeemish about bugs, there is a great macro photo of this critter here:

More postings and photos to come!

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5 Responses to Back after a long absence

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for all the flowers and the bees, and the birds and the trees, and a thing called love.

  2. deleted says:

    That was me, anonymous, Katrina

  3. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful, AP! I’m looking forward to lots more of this.

  4. Giulia says:

    I love the vivid colors!

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