Redwood revealed

Almost every week I hike on the mountain near my home, the beautiful Mt. Tamalpais, or “Tam” as the locals call it.  Tam is the highest peak in Marin County, and because of the amazing microclimates in the Bay Area also has a broad diversity of forests and plant communities.  By far my favorite places on the mountain are its redwood forests, which never cease to delight me in the grandeur and beauty.  Today we hiked in the redwood forests above Muir Woods National Monument, and along the Bootjack Trail I noticed a redwood tree with this wavy pattern that I had never seen before.  The closeup reveals the detail of the redwood bark, and the subtle colors if you look closely.


Such rich colors and patterns.  Isn’t nature amazing!

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2 Responses to Redwood revealed

  1. Giulia says:

    At first I thought it was some loose wool yarn

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