Tamalpais Coyote

Some months ago, in the fall, my friend Jim and I took our cameras into the redwoods on Mt. Tamalpais near my home.   We wanted to photograph the fall colors in the redwood forest.  At one point I saw this coyote a little ways up the hill from us, and signalled to Jim to stop and be quiet so we could just observe him.  Normally coyotes on Tamalpais are quite shy and avoid people, but this one actually came closer to us.  We were near a stream and the coyote ambled down into the streambed.  I was too much in awe of this beautiful animal to look at my watch, but Jim and I guessed that the coyote stayed near us in the streambed for something like half an hour, within only about twenty or thirty feet of us.   He was well aware of us, and we were careful to stay quiet and barely move.  I observed more than photographed, but did manage to capture a few shots of this beautiful animal.

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6 Responses to Tamalpais Coyote

  1. Laura Lou says:

    Wow-Great picture, beautiful animal!

  2. Giulia says:

    Gorgeous animal!
    I just wish that his/hers curious and social personality and that those sweet eyes weren’t just begging for food.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That was me.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The coyote is so very beautiful! And I love the story. We have been hearing the coyotes at night and I just heard a story about a guy studying their habitat and habits in LA where they are quite the urban creatures. He said he’s surprised at how close they are to humans and simply hide in the shadows without detection. I won’t ever think of the shadows the same again!

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