San Francisco at night

A little deviation from nature photography today, because I like to try different kinds of photography.

Back in May, I did a San Francisco night photography tour with John Gunther.  John was a terrific and easy going guide, and very helpful in offering advice.  I had a great time that night, and look forward to doing another photo event with John.

After sunset, we went atop the hill on Yerba Buena Island, where you can get a direct view of the Bay Bridge heading into San Francisco.  A longer exposure gives trails of the red brake lights of vehicles on the bridge.


Then we went to another part of Treasure Island to get some shots of the new Bay Bridge, which I think is quite pretty at night, with reflections in the water.  Confession — I love bridges!


Next stop was Pier 14 in the city.  There are some mercury street lights there that cast a beautiful amber glow on the old pilings in the water.


From the end of the pier I took the photo below of the Ferry Terminal, with the new “1915” lights.  Those lights were installed in February of this year, along with the lights along the edges of the building.  This is how the Ferry Building was lit for the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition, and they were reinstalled this year to celebrate the exposition’s 100th anniversary.

FerryTerminal_from_Pier 14.2015-0327

Last stop was the Palace of Fine Arts, originally constructed for the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition, then rebuilt in 1965.  It is really striking at night.  It was well past midnight when I took this shot.Palace of Fine Arts-10.2015-0327

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One Response to San Francisco at night

  1. ktdkatrinad says:

    I love the old pilings in the amber light. And the ferry building – all that red! What fun. Thank you for taking the time to post and shar the images.

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