Welcome to Alison’s photo blog. I am an amateur (very amateur!) photographer who loves nature. I love hiking and being in beautiful places in nature, especially with my sweet delightful husband. I have long been fascinated by patterns and details in nature, and finally after retirement I bought a Canon DSLR and 100mm macro lens, which allows me to see amazing detail in nature.

I feel like an excited little girl with wide-eyed wonder when I am out in nature, especially in the forest. I love trees, wildflowers, and mushrooms, and love to take closeup pictures of them to see amazing details that I cannot see with my (aging) eyes.

I hope that the photos on this blog allow you too to see details in nature that will surprise and amaze you.

Your comments are appreciated and make me smile!  I will do my best to answer each one.

These photos are not copyrighted, and you are welcome to use them. However, if you do use a photograph from my blog, please provide a link to the Details in Nature blog.



2 Responses to About

  1. Laura Lou says:

    Great pics, thank you! Especially like the one of the redwoods, with Pepe peering up at their majestic grandeur.

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